Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stuffed Pepper

1 egg (tojás)
1 onion (hagyma)
8 dkg (3 oz) rice (rizs)
3 tablespoon of flour (liszt)
1 teaspoon of sugar (kristálycukor)
1 tablespoon of cooking oil (főzőolaj)
ground red pepper (pirospaprika por)
8 medium sized yellow pepper 
40 dkg (14,1 oz) ground pork or turkey (darálthús)
1 l (33,8 fl oz) tomato juice (paradicsomlé)

How to become master of the Hungarian kitchen #16

Cut the onion into little pieces. Put a little cooking oil in a frying pan and fry the onion. When the onion is soft enough, put the ground meat, rice, egg, and the fried onion in a bowl. Add a little bit of salt and pepper to them. Now, mix the ingredients in the bowl together. Take out the seeds from the medium sized yellow peppers, and fill the middle of the peppers with the dollop, but don’t use too much of the dollop, only a little. In the middle of the dollop stick the haft of a wooden spoon, so the rice will have enough space to get bigger. Boil the tomato juice with the salt and the sugar; put the peppers in a pan, and cook it till the peppers get soft. Heat up one tablespoon of cooking oil, and put the flour in it, then caramelize it. When this step is ready, add the ground red pepper to the flour and slowly start adding this mixture to the pepper while you are stirring it.  The last thing to do is to boil the stuffed peppers before you serve them with a slice of bread or mashed potato. Jó étvágyat!