Monday, February 21, 2011

Stuffed Cabbage - Töltött káposzta


50 dkg (17,64 oz) sour cabbage  (savanyú káposzta)
8 (or more if you like) soured cabbage-leaf (savanyú káposztalevél)
40 dkg (14,11 oz) grout pork (darált sertéshús)
1 strand Hungarian sausage (egy szál magyar kolbász)
10 dkg (3,53 oz) bacon (szalonna)
6 dkg (2,12 oz) rice (rizs)
12 dkg (4,23 oz) grated onion (reszelt vöröshagyma)
1 egg (tojás)
4 dkg (1,41 oz) lard (sertészsír)
1-2 clove garlic (fokhagyma)
1 spoon ground red pepper (pirospaprika por)
salt (), black pepper (fekete bors), marjoram (majoránna) as much as you like

How to become master of the Hungarian kitchen #1

Cook the rice, smash the garlic, grate the onion and stew it a little. If these are ready, mix the grout pork with the egg, the rice, 8dkg (2,82 oz) grated onion, salt, pepper and marjoram in order to get the stuffing. Make little rolls from this stuffing, and wrap them round the soured cabbage-leaves. Tuck in the end of the leaves which were dropped out, so the stuffing won't leak during the cooking.

Grip a big pot, put a layer of sour cabbage at the bottom, then a layer of the stuffed rolls. Put a few pieces of sausage and little pieces of bacon between the rolls. Continue this process till you have enough ingredients. And now, put water in the pot (the rolls must be under the water). Put a little salt, pepper, ground red pepper and marjoram in the water. The red pepper gives a nice color to our stuffed cabbage. If all these are ready, cover the pot with a topper and cook it on stage 2 or 3 (if you have a 9-stages hot plate). 

The essence of the stuffed cabbage is that it has to be cooked very slowly. What we always do at home is that we NEVER stir it during the 2 or 3 hours. We grip the handles of the pot instead and shake it in every 30 minutes. After it is boiled (taste it if it's good or not), put two rolls on a plate and put a little sour cream on the top if you like. Enjoy my favorite Hungarian meal with a slice of bread. 

Notes from the writer

Soured cabbage (savanyú káposzta) can be found in little plastic bag at the grocery or (and I prefer this one) in tins. 
You can buy soured cabbage-leaves in little packages, but if you are in Hungary go to a market, because you can find the most delicious ingredients there. Not to mention the atmosphere of these places. It's a Saturday morning ritual for me and my mom to visit the local market, and it always makes my day.
I know that you guys asked when you saw the Hungarian sausage among the ingredients "Where will I buy those sausages?" Well, I have good news. Hungarian sausage (e.g. Pick) can be seen in bigger supermarkets all around the world. I also bought a string of spicy sausage in the U.S when I've been there.

So now that you know the most important things in order to cook this meal, Let's go to the kitchen! Hope you will enjoy it.


Dr. Ryan James said...

I am NOT Dr. James, but live in the same flat. He showed my your charming beginning blog. I have this idea! Will you consider coming to our flat and teach me how to make special Hungarian dishes such as stuffed cabbage and other delicacies? I will of course pay for all the ingredients. You can include other friends too (IF they are helpers!) Ron Schmitz

Virág Németh said...

It would be a pleasure. I have plenty of things to do for school right now, but from next Thursday (if it's fine for you) we can set meetings. I would be free on Thursdays after 5 p.m. Virág

Cookie said...

I made stuffed cabbage for our Christmas dinner. I could have used your help. I do plan to make it again and will use your recipe to make it even better.

You are welcome to use my kitchen when you are in New Jersey.

I enjoyed your blog.

Virág Németh said...

Thank you Cookie, we can cook together in the summer if you'd like to. :) Next week I'm planning to write about a Hungarian cookie. You will love that recipe, that's sure. - Virág

aorsi712 said...

Great recipe! I wouldn't be brave enough to attempt to cook it alone though. :)

Virág Németh said...

After you get your degree, I will cook it with you. Stuffed cabbage party? :)

Anonymous said...

Nice authentic recipe. :•)  Wish I could be part of any cabbage roll cooking/eating parties. :(

Virág Németh said...

Dear Amateur Cook,

Where are you writing from? I'm sure that you would be able to cook this dish, too. Christmas can be a great time to try something new out. :)

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