Sunday, March 17, 2013


Dear Readers,

I would like to share my favorite Hungarian cookie with you. It's easier to prepare than you would think. Here we go:

Ingredients for the layers                           Ingredients for the cream:
60 dkg (13.23 lb) flour (liszt)                      1 liter (35 oz) milk 
1 packet of salt volatile (szalalkáli)              4 dkg (0.88 lb) margarin
2 dl (1 oz) milk (tej)                                  4 dkg (0.88 lb) cocoa-powder
7 dkg (1.54 lb) sugar (kristálycukor)             20 dkg (4.41 lb) sugar
5 dkg (1.1 lb) cooking grease (zsír)              4 spoonful flour
2 eggs (tojás)

How to become master of the Hungarian kitchen #23
Our first step is to warm the milk up and put the salt volatile in it. You may know that salt volatile has a very strong smell, but milk takes this unpleasant smell away. Now mush the pasta’s ingredients together and bake 6 layers from it. Cut the pasta into 6 pieces, roll the pieces out to get thin layers, then bake one layer at the time on your baking pan’s back-side. Bake the layers for about 8 – 10 minutes. We used an old baking pan, which was 15.75 inch long and 8.86 inch wide.
Now mix the cream’s ingredients together. Take a bake board which you can put in your fridge later, and put the first baked layer on the board. Then smear one sixth of the cream on the layer and cover it with the second layer. Continue doing this process until the sixth layer (see the picture above). When you are ready take another baking board and put it on the top of your cookie. Put your Hatlapos in the fridge and after a day slice it up. You can put powder sugar on the top, but as the cream is very sweet we usually leave this step out. Jó étvágyat! :)


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