Sunday, March 17, 2013


Dear Readers,

I'm sorry I haven't been around for a long time. There were many reasons for my absence, but now my mom and I are back with all new traditional Hungarian dishes. We hope you're going to like them.
We begin with Székelykáposzta (note that it's not the same as stuffed cabbage) as the flu season is still here and this dish contains a lot of vitamin. Here we go:


1 bigger onion (vöröshagyma)
0.5 kg (1lb) sauerkraut (savanyú káposzta)
0.5 kg (1lb) chump-end (pacsni)
2 teaspoonful ground red pepper(őrölt pirospaprika)
2 dl (7oz) sour cream (tejföl)
2 spoonful flour (liszt)
salt (), pepper (bors), cooking oil (főzőolaj)

How to become master of the Hungarian kitchen #22
First of all, cut the onion into little pieces and braise it in cooking oil. Add the diced chump-end and the two teaspoonful ground red pepper to the onion. Spice it with salt and pepper. Now cover the meat with water and cook it until the chum-end gets white – this shows that our meat is half-cooked. While you are cooking the meat, wash the sauerkraut and add it to the half-cooked meat. We need to add water again to cover the sauerkraut. The amount of the water depends on how thick you like your soup. The duration of the cooking lasts for about an hour, but it depends on the age of you pork. When the meat is tender we get to the final step: the liaison. 
For the liaison we need sour cream and flour. Put 7 oz sour cream in a bowl and stir it, then add two spoonful flour and a little hot water to it. Now stir the ingredients so that the mixture comes to be clean-boled. After your liaison is ready, start adding it slowly to your meat while you are stirring them together. For the final step boil your soup. Jó étvágyat! 

Note from the writer
Serve your Székelykáposzta with a big slice of fresh white bread and a little sour cream on the top.


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